After-School Tutoring Business in English, Maths & Technology

You went into teaching to make a difference.

What happened?

Sarah Louise Hayton
Principal and founder

Don’t get me wrong. Teaching was and always will be my first love.

But during my 20 years in New Zealand schools, I found myself spending more and more time on testing, reports and paperwork.

In the end it wore me down and started taking away from the love of the job for me. That’s when I began thinking there has got to be a better way to make use of my passion and skills.

A stint in after-school tutoring showed me the way. That job gave me all the satisfaction of teaching but without the paperwork, long hours and large class numbers.

Own your own Tutoring Business. And really make a difference

I founded Thinking2morrow six years ago with the vision of making a difference in people’s lives – not only my students’ lives but also the lives of their parents and teachers.

After 20 years of classroom teaching and four years of managing a tutoring learning centre, I felt there was a better way to make a difference. A way that combined the best of computer-assisted learning with personalised programmes and individual attention from expert tutors. All in an encouraging, supportive and fun learning environment.

That’s when the idea for Thinking2morrow was born. Now I’m ready to share my vision and success with all of New Zealand and invite you to join us as a Master Educator.

Our Vision and Values

My vision for the Thinking2morrow Tutoring Franchise is much the same as my vision for my Thinking2morrow Learning Centre – to make a difference in people’s lives. Except in the case of the Franchise, my vision is to make a difference to the lives of people who:

  • are passionate about education and making a difference in their students’ lives
  • want to take their destiny into their own hands and go into business for themselves
  • share our Vision and the Values of integrity, giving, passion-fun, courage, inspire, growing and learning

We work to meet the needs of our students.

Not the other way round.

One of the things I found frustrating about teaching in the classroom was that as one teacher with 20 - 30 students, I simply wasn’t able to give individuals the personal attention they needed. And all the paperwork, meetings and other bureaucracy of the school system made matters worse.

So after 20 years, I leapt at the opportunity to manage a well-established after-school tutoring business. But although I learned a great deal from that experience, I felt it didn’t offer the latest and best ways of meeting individual students’ needs with state-of-the-art software, personalised programmes and one-on-one tutoring.

That’s when I decided to do something different, something no-one else was doing to meet students’ needs. It changed my life.

Meeting students’ needs in a unique way

My aim in founding Thinking2morrow was to support and enrich the great work of hard-working classroom teachers by meeting the individual needs of students. I do this in partnership by first assessing each student’s needs and then preparing a personalised programme combining

  • flexibility
  • latest technology and software
  • proven learning programmes
  • progress monitoring and rewards
  • partnerships with parents and schools

There are many competing tutoring services in Remuera, the central Auckland suburb where I have run my Learning Centre for the past six years, but as you can see from the graph at left, I have never had any problem filling up my classes.

Find out how to become part of the T2M story

Download your free thinking2morrow franchise information pack

You may be a little hesitant to join us at this early stage in the development of the Thinking2morrow franchise, but there are actually some real advantages in joining us now, including:

1. Having your pick of areas to choose from

2. Being a founding member of a well- established business with proven systems and full training and support has its benefits

3. You will be more than just a ‘franchisee’, you will be a real ‘partner’ in the franchise

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