After-School Tutoring Business in English, Maths & Technology

Why choose T2M?

Because we’re not the biggest or longest-established

At Thinking2morrow, we’re on a mission to bring a fresh, innovative, inclusive and agile approach to the tutoring industry.

You can’t do that when you’re the biggest or longest-established player out there. I know that from working for four years for a bigger, longer-established tutoring franchise.

My team and I are committed to providing you with training and support that exceeds your expectations as you set up and build your T2M business. We'll take your success personally – and again, that’s not something you can expect from a larger franchise whose support team must divide their time between larger numbers of franchisees.

Why I decided to franchise T2M. And why it matters to you.

My choice of franchising as a means of making the T2M Tutoring method available across all of New Zealand is based on my commitment to:

  1. giving others the opportunity to share in my success
    If you’re like me, and being your own boss. But you’ll also be aware of the barriers to going into business for yourself. I can show you how to overcome those barriers and help you achieve your dreams.
  2. creating a collegial environment of shared support and innovation
    Owning your own business can be lonely. I miss the collegial environment of teaching and am dedicated to harnessing the power of the T2M family and developing a culture of peer support and idea sharing that will benefit the whole organisation.
  3. offering a more flexible, inclusive  approach  than  other  franchises
    My mission is to empower educators to run their own businesses but still experience the satisfaction of teaching as well as contributing to the development of Thinking2morrow as a whole.

Your questions answered:

How will I know if T2M is right for me?

An equally important question that I will have to ask myself is: Are you right for Thinking2morrow?

Franchising is all about relationships – most particularly, the relationship between the franchisor (that’s me) and the franchisee (or what we call the Master Educator – that’s you).

Because the first term of your Master Educator Agreement will be five years and you as Master Educator will have rights to keep renewing that, it’s a long-term relationship.

That’s why it’s so essential for you to be 100% comfortable with your decision to join the T2M franchise family. It’s why we have a policy of complete openness and integrity and insist that you spend at least two weeks training in our Learning Centre before you decide if T2M is right for you and we decide if you’re right for T2M.

I’ve never been in business before.
How do I know if I will be successful?

This quote from Dr Suess is one of the panels on the wall of my T2M Learning Centre to inspire my students and is not intended as an indication of any guarantee of your success as a Master Educator!

The Thinking2morrow Franchise is tailor-made for people who have never been in business before. That’s because we provide you with a “business in a box” – complete with a strong brand, proven business and tutoring systems, marketing programmes to fill up your classes and keep students coming back, and all the training and support you’ll need to hit the ground running with your new T2M business and continue to grow your revenue and profitability into the future.

Despite all this, all businesses depend on the commitment and effort of their owners to be successful - and you will need to follow T2M’s systems and work in tandem with us.

How much could I make?

Graph: Thinking2morrow roll numbers by term since inception

Of course, you won’t want to know how much you make. It is very much up to you and the effort you’re prepared to put into building the business. And T2M’s proven marketing programme will provide you with:

  • your own webpage and SEO
  • social media advertising
  • signage for your premises
  • direct mail flyers and brochures

As you can see from this graph, this marketing resulted in my classes filling up from the day I opened Thinking2morrow’s doors.

You may wonder why we prefer you to open your Thinking2morrow Learning Centre in commercial premises rather than at your own home (although we do permit that under certain circumstances). When I founded Thinking2morrow, I deliberately chose premises on a main road near a number of schools for a very good reason – because the signage outside the premises was the best marketing we have ever done and put T2M on the map straight away.

I have deliberately kept the cost of setting up a Learning Centre at a level (around $100,000) which makes it possible for the “right people” to join the Thinking2morrow family and earn a good return on their investment.

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Opportunities like this don't come along too often, so if you're interested and you feel you have what it takes to be a T2M Master Educator, don't hesitate to find out more - either by downloading our free Information Pack or by having a confidential, no-obligation chat with me by phone.

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